Tourettes seems to be gone for good !

This is my first post as I am still in the exploration phase of getting to know the technology and how to use it. I have to admit, I was a technophobe before attempting to create this site. But with the help of friends and forums, hiring a few people to help me with the graphics and set things up …. here I am ! I made it!

But my small technical victory is nothing compared to my big victory and constant guard against Tourettes tics and its symptoms. My name is Mary Anderson and as you probably already know my son Kevin was diagnosed with Tourettes just over a year ago. I researched on the net, asked specialists and doctors and did what every parent would do: freak out! It wasn’t until a few months ago that I discovered that Tourettes is something that CAN be controlled and treated with proper diet.

I had a big problem giving to my child all sorts of strong medication and not see much change on top of that. I am against drugs in principle. Sure they have a purpose but only after all natural methods have been exhausted.

In future posts I will give more details about the long battle against Tourettes and why I believe every parent has the right to this information. But for now let me just say that… we win! That we can make a difference in  a child’s life and help them achieve their maximum potential without twitches, grunts and vocal or facial tics.

When I realized that my knowledge of Tourette’s Syndrome in all its various forms can actually help millions of parents who are now at the same situation I was more than a year ago I decided to act. My book “End Your Child’s Tics Naturally” is the result of all my efforts and all my discoveries towards my path to success.

In it I wanted to give details about my story hoping to inspire other parents in their battle. I also give a detailed explanation of Tourettes and it’s various forms. Finally, a step by step method of what needs to be added and taken out of a child’s diet to liberate them from their tics – for good.

I am so excited but I better stop here, I don’t want to get too “trigger happy” now that I learned how to use this excellent medium of communication. Please feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions.

Both my email and contact number is on my site: .

Till next time!

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