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From the Computer of Mary Anderson
Proud Mother of Kevin, Now Tic-Free for 2 Years!
Montreal, QC

Doctor Mom - Mary AndersonDear Fellow Parent,

I'm sure I don't need to bring up the countless times you've taken your son or daughter out…perhaps for a get-together at a favorite restaurant with friends or a dinner at your local church.

And then it happens… A few involuntary twitches there, some low grunts and a loud, almost-screeching WHOOP! that jolts everyone in the room from their conversations and directs their attention squarely on you - and your child.

"Mom…" he might whisper…"Why is everybody staring at me?" His once-excited mood sinks like a lead weight. "Don't they know it isn't my fault?"

Tears start to well up in his eyes.


You Know the Situation All Too Well…It Simply Comes with the Territory of Being the Parent of a Tourette's Kid...

Flustered, you mutter under your breath about Tourette's, but get mostly blank stares. By this time, your son wants to slip under the table and die of embarrassment. This is the very sort of feeling of dread you'd hoped to avoid… and the reaction from people around him has already made the whooping, grunting and howling even worse.

You quickly shuffle him off to a quiet place where he can regain some control and composure.

He already doesn't have many friends. He's brought home countless notes from his teachers saying "He can't keep still or quiet. He's always making noises or squirming in his chair…"

You know the painful truth - and you feel for your child, because it all seems so beyond their control. And as more time passes, you watch your son or daughter become more withdrawn from the world -- physically and mentally exhausted at trying to "control" the tics.

But Trying to Help Your Child Control or Cope With Involuntary Tics is Like You or I Trying Not to Breathe - It's Physically Impossible!

And I'm sure you've probably been to countless doctors and specialists - all promoting the latest prescription drug as a breakthrough cure for Tourette's.

But they never seem to tell you about the terrible side effects of some of these medicines… like weight gain, fainting, nausea, loss of bladder control and even a permanent condition called Tardive Dyskinesia which produces slithery tongue movements and even more uncontrolled movement of the cheeks, jaw, arms and legs.

This condition has no cure and cannot be reversed.

Many of The Medicines Used to Treat Tourette's Syndrome in Children Were Originally Designed to Treat Psychotic Hallucinations in Adults!

I thought the side effects were worse than the condition itself! But I had to do something.

To make a long story short, I started reading and researching everything I could about Tourette's, including Tourette's symptoms, Tourette's herbal remedies and alternative treatments. Then, in some obscure medical journal, I ran across a study that had been done with Tourette's children and some small but noticeable changes in their diets.

Now, bear in mind that this finding itself wasn't the "cure all" for Tourette's in itself. It was just a small piece of the puzzle. It took another year of research for me to discover how these diet changes worked - what was in the supplements and food, and why it made such a significant difference in Tourette's kids.

Everything You Need to Know About This Remarkable Study and The Results It Can Give Your Child Can Be Found in My New Online Guide: End Your Child's Tics - Naturally!

End Your Child's Tics NaturallyIn it, you'll discover the same easy steps I took to completely rid my son of his Tourette's tics - including facial and motor tics, grunts, throat clearing and howling outbursts.

Since Doing These Steps, My Son Has Not Had a Single "Episode" or a Relapse of His Tourette's Symptoms!

And this information has worked for thousands of other families too - even when they thought their child was simply "incurable" and would have to live with the stigma of Tourette's for the rest of his or her life.

Will It Work For Everyone?
Will My Child Be Completely Cured?

I don't like to call this information a "cure" - because it isn't a magic pill or something your child can take once and be immediately cured of tics for good.

Rather its a few simple adjustments to their diet, along with several other key steps that must be followed if you want to help eliminate (or seriously reduce) your child's tics.

Here's Just a Small Sample of
What You'll Learn:

Kevin in the SummertimeI'm sure you've already heard a lot about your child's condition from his or her doctor, but it always helps to have a refresher in "plain English" on what Tourette's is, how tics are involved and what causes them.

  • The bulk of the guide is dedicated to my "Adventure" with Kevin, my son, who has (or well... had) facial and motor tics. He has been tic-free for 3 years now. You'll learn how adding and removing certain foods from his diet has virtually eliminated the tics and outbursts to almost nothing.

  • The dangers of drugs used to stop tics and their side effects. Note, I'm not advising you to take your child off medication if they're already on it - but this guide will give you more details that you can use to discuss with your child's doctor (and some of the information found inside is findings that even most general practitioners aren't aware of!)

  • Where to find help and more information if you need it - these centers are dedicated to helping parents and caregivers learn more about Tourette's, its symptoms, causes and helpful tips on managing "outbreaks".

Altogether, "End Your Child's Tics - Naturally!" is an all-natural, easy to follow method that any parent or caregiver can follow - and see results within weeks, not months like some prescription medicines.

In the end, this guide contains over 70 pages of clear, easy-to-understand information to help end (or considerably reduce) your child's tics and Tourette's symptoms.

And Here's What Other Parents of Tourette's Children are Saying about "End Your Child's Tics - Naturally!"

"Our doctor was impressed with the results"

Mother and SonHello Mary,

my name is Amy. I am writing to tell you that after buying your book and following your advise my son Sean has not had a single episode for more than a week!

Our family doctor was impressed with the results and commented on the progress. He even kept asking me detailed questions about the diet changes.

You are a godsent and I cannot thank you enough. Keep up the great work.

Amy Mullery
Dublin, Ireland


"...No going back !"

Mother and Son

Dear Mary,
Just a small note to let you know of my appreciation and the huge difference you made in my family's life.

After years of ongoing research, doctor visits and countless frustrations I came across your website.

To be completely honest I was very hesitant and could not believe that there actually was a fast and effective way to treat Tourette's.
But you were my last resort because I had tried everything and you also offered a great guarantee so I had nothing to lose.

I followed your advise carefully and I can safely say that my precious daughter is ... FREE of tics!!!!!!!!! It feels like a different person after almost 2 years.

It's hard for me to describe the dramatic changes in her life. Suffice it to say that she can finally be herself, be the heart of the party and never worry about any embarassing moments. There is NO going back for her and I say this with full confidence.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Anita Lopez
San Francisco, CA


"... the best decision of my life ..."

Mary I am so excited I had to let you in on the great news and thank you at the same time. I bought your book a few weeks ago and tried the simple diet changes. Both my wife and I began noticing improvements in our son's outbursts from day one.

To make a long story short the tics and outbursts have practically disappeared. But that's not all... yesterday he got accepted into the swimming team. He apllied all by himself and the coach and his team members were excited to have him! You should have seen his face when he told me the news.

He always loved swimming but his confidence was really low ever since the tics started. I cannot believe the huge change in his behaviour.

I can safely say that buying your book was probably the best decision of my life and I cannot imagine what our life would be without it. I even told a few of my friends about it and needless to say I got quite emotional...

Your friend,
James Castliano,
Miami, FL


"...answer to our prayer..."

Mother and Son

Hi Mary...

Now for the answer to our prayer....in just two days, there has been a decrease in the grunting and movement of the head! 

We are spreading word to our friends and others with various tics....Again, as you have said, this is simple but what makes it so powerful is the way you have presented the research.  I have a background in clinical psychology and none of the reports have been as comprehensive and directed as yours....In our society, we like guides and step by step suggestions...Your guide allows individual flexibilty, tailored to the needs of each child and that is what makes this a God send! [...]

Thank you so very much!!

John Gordon, Jr.
Chesterfield, SC


Now You Don't Have to Imagine Your Child Free From a Life of Humiliating, Uncontrollable Tics, Jerks and Movements - They Can Live the Life You've Always Wanted for Them - Starting Today!

Give your child the carefree ease of a life without tics. It's possible when you try the method in my guide. Hundreds of families and children are now enjoying life to the fullest thanks to simple but profound dietary chances - doesn't your child deserve that kind of happiness too?

But more importantly…

What Will Happen If You Don't At Least Try to End Your Child's Tics - Starting Today?

All the things most children enjoy without a second thought -- an ample circle of friends, making the team in their favorite sport, a wide variety of hobbies and a carefree outlook on life -- all seem unreachable for a child suffering from Tourette's.

Your child may become more socially withdrawn which can lead to dangerous behavioral problems into young adulthood - such as anxiety or depression, attention-deficit disorder, bipolar disorder and "rage attacks" - all exceptionally difficult for any parent to go through.

Don't let your child become a statistic when the cause of facial and motor tics is right in front of you. A few simple but exceptionally powerful dietary change could be all your child needs to overcome their tics - once and for all.

Click Here to Order End Your Child's Tics - Naturally! for Just $37

And before you think this is some hackneyed "feel good" guide about a bunch of home remedies and snake oil designed to get your hopes up - but deliver little.

I want you to know that I stand behind my work and my discovery 100%.
My goal is to bring this kind of breakthrough into the homes and families that have a child (or children) with Tourette's tics, who are tired of trying to get their child to unsuccessfully control or simply "live with" their tics.

End Your Child's Tics Naturally is a completely natural, drug-free way to make a few easy changes in your child's diet that can lead to remarkable results.

With that said, I want to offer you my personal guarantee:

Your Child's Tics Will Be Completely Eliminated or Significantly Reduced - or You Pay Nothing!

Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money BackMost books and "remedies" for Tourette's only scratch the surface when it comes to giving parents a complete overview and workable plan for their child's health. But I've decided to go a step further and give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

If the information you read in How to End Your Child's Tics Naturally doesn't completely cure or considerably reduce your child's tics to almost none - I don't want you to feel like you have to keep it! Simply let me know and you'll get a prompt and cheerful refund of your purchase price - no questions asked!

I know that How to End Your Child's Tics Naturally has helped hundreds of children, including my own - and it can help yours too! You risk nothing by giving it a try.

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The longer you wait, the more your child suffers needlessly with uncontrollable tics, grunts, jerks and other embarrassing outbursts. Give them (and yourself) the relief you have both been searching for.

Click here to order securely online and download the guide in minutes. It could be the best decision you've ever made for your child's health and well being.

With my dietary discovery and the easy, proven steps you'll find in both guides, you can count on seeing a complete elimination of your child's tics, or a reduction of up to 90%! The results speak for themselves -- don't wait another minute to take action for your child's health and well-being.

"End Your Child's Tics Naturally" for only $59 $37 !

Tourettes eBook

YES Mary, I want in! Please let me have access to your "End Your Child's Tics Naturally" method for just $59 $37.

I want to use your revolutionary dietary methods to:

  • Get Rid of Tourette's Tics Naturally...
  • Improve the Quality of our Family's Life...
  • Elliminate Harmful Medication...
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"...I was quite skeptical... till I tried your diet... !"

Mother and SonHi Mary , it's Christa again.

Thank you for helping me and my son!
I have to admit that I was quite skeptical at first till I actually tried your diet. Your guarantee and your knowledge in the subject eased my fears.
( Again, sorry for the long emails and I appreciate your patience.)

Latest update: No signs of Tourettes for a month now! All the familly is super happy and all thanks to your information and advise.

Christa Donnelly
Bay City, MI

"...no more facial tics and vocal outbursts ..."

I am so happy and excited that my daughter has gotten rid of her Tourettes for good.

There are no more even signs of facial tics and vocal outbursts. She has been free of all the twitches for at least three months now. After studying your book and following your diet everything changed for the best.
You have all our blessings and gratitude.

Best Regards,
Sao Paulo - Brazil


"...no more facial tics and vocal outbursts ..."

G'day Mary,
I purchased your E book a few months ago. My son had develop tics that had gotten so bad that I was going to take him to the doctors on the Monday to get him on some sort of medication....however after researching the net I came across your book. I immediately sent my hubby out to buy the recommended supplements. This was on the Friday afternoon....
By Monday his tics were gone!! I was shocked to say the least.
Since then I have recommended your treatment to 2 other people and both have had the same amazing result!!
One of my friends child was very very loud with vocal tics and it was embarrassing and distressing for the child and the mum.....
I just wanted to let you know ! Thanks so much for sharing your info ...
best regards
ps feel free to use this email as a testimonial...I swear by this simple remedy .


Your Friend and Fellow Parent,

Mary Anderson
Mary and Kevin Anderson
Now Tic-Free for Over 2 Years!

P.S. The older your Tourette's child gets, the more he or she is going to realize that there's something "different" them. People become uncomfortable around them even though they can't help their outbursts and movements. How to End Your Child's Tics - Naturally is an investment in your child's health, wellness, self-esteem and self-confidence that every growing young person needs to feel their best.

P.P.S. And don't forget, if for any reason the steps I've outlined don't work for you - you pay absolutely nothing. I can't offer a better guarantee than that!


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